Deborah Fry, Ph.D


Deborah Fry, Ph.D

Deborah Fry, Ph.D. is an enthusiastic speaker and educator who has been leading workshops and seminars, doing television interviews, working with individuals, parents, families, couples, churches, schools, conferences, conventions, clubs and corporations since 1990. Her talks and seminars are informative and her style is dynamic. Deborah uses stories, group exercises and humor to assist people in improving the relationships in their lives. Deborah has over 25 topics she presents on parenting, pediatric sleep coaching, family wellness and personal development, including topics for adults on conflict resolution, teamwork, encouragement, etc. Information can be tailored specifically for a group’s needs.


Deborah is certified and trained as a Gentle Sleep Coach by Kim West, “The Sleep Lady”. Additionally she is a certified instructor of the International Network for Children and Families, much of her training is based on the work of Dr. Rudolph Dreikurs.

Deborah’s graduate work at Southern Illinois University was in Child Language Acquisition and Human Communication. Her undergraduate work was in Elementary Education. After enjoying a ten year career as a Sales Executive for Xerox Corporation, Deborah is currently a part-time teacher of “young 3’s” at Westminster Weekday School, as well as a business owner offering workshops, pediatric sleep and parent coaching as well and the parenting course; Redirecting Children’s Behavior for parents of children under 10. She also conducts parent support groups for the graduates of these courses. Additionally, her professional services include offering private consultation on parenting and family communication, private pediatric sleep consultations and conducting classroom or at home observations and consultations for either parents or teachers.

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