Parenting Tips / 1 to 2 year-old

Say it once, take action 1000 times

• Children at this age do much better if we ask for a behavior one time and guide them to/through it rather than saying over and over “feet on the floor”.


• Announce to the child what will be happening before you make it happen; i.e. “in 5 minutes we will change your diaper”, or “in two more minutes we will be taking a bath.”

Ask for Behaviors You Want, Not What You Don’t Want

• Ask for “inside voice” “walking legs”, or “feet on the floor” rather than “don’t talk so loud, “don’t scream”, “don’t run”, or “don’t climb on the furniture”.


• Children thrive on the routine of morning and evening rituals, naps and mealtime.
• Boundaries and routines create a sense of safety/security for a child.

Sleep and Naps

• Children this age need very predictable sleep.
• They need naps 2 times a day until they are about 18 months old and then one a day.
• Nighttime bedtime should be no later than 7-8 pm.
• Total hours of sleep daily, including naps, should equal about 13-15 hours out of 24.
• Sleep is when the brain wires from the experiences children have when they are awake.