Parenting News You Can Use! September 5, 2013

Parenting News You Can Use!
September 5, 2013
Volume 7, Issue 32
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1. A Moving Child is a Learning Child
2. Master Classrooms: Designs Inspired by Creative Minds
3. Just Start Playing
4. Teaching Boys to Be Strong Learners
5. Redirecting Children’s Behavior Fall/Winter Course Schedule 2013 (see home page)
Where is Deborah Speaking in September?

School has begun across the nation, and this issue of Parenting News is focused on learning. Explore the vital importance of movement in learning. Discover the role the environment plays in learning, the impact of the current “factory” form of our classrooms, and what a truly creative classroom that stimulates learning would look like. Wes Hopper encourages you to begin playing more with your ideas – play rather than analysis will inspire learning. Read about a high school principal, faced with under-achieving boys in his school, who discovers ways for parents to engage their boys in learning.

Enjoy and read on!

1. A Moving Child is a Learning Child


Gill Connell, founder of Moving Smart and co-author of Moving to Learn, says, “All learning begins with the body. It has to. It’s our point of reference – our own personal, portable True North, so to speak. And for children, it’s even more because the body is the brain’s first teacher.” Read an excerpt from Gill’s new book, A Moving Child is a Learning Child, here.

2. Master Classrooms: Designs Inspired by Creative Minds
A team of architects who specialize in learning spaces wants to let Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein, and Jamie Oliver show you the future of classroom design. They write, “The industrial era had a long run, both gritty and great, but it’s over. The problem is – someone forgot to tell the education establishment. In schools across America, the factory model is still alive, and nowhere is it more readily apparent than in the classroom.” Read more about their designs for today’s classrooms here.

3. Just Start Playing
By Wes Hopper


Steven Pressfield said, “Our job is not to control our idea; our job is to figure out what our idea is, and what it wants to be, and then bring it into being.”

One of the reasons that we don’t move forward faster toward our dreams is that we’re too cautious, too critical, and too analytical. Ideas pop up at the strangest times and we analyze them to death. What if we didn’t do that? What if we treated every idea that we had as the gift that it is, and then followed his advice in the quote?

I’ll tell you from my experience that two things would happen. First, most of the ideas would take us to someplace different than we thought they would when we started. Second, our lives would expand in amazing ways, our courage would grow, and we would get more stuff done!

Pressfield makes the point that analysis is a form of resistance. While we’re analyzing, we’re not moving, and that’s the goal of the resistance monster that lives in all of us. We all know to some degree what it is that we need to do. We use the excuse that we need to do it “right” to delay doing it at all.

Become a child again. Give a small child a box of toys, a game or puzzle, and the child won’t look for the instructions, the child will just start playing with it. That’s why kids learn fast and adults learn slowly.

Take the same approach with your ideas. Just start playing.

4. Teaching Boys to Become Strong Learners


As an elementary school principal in Canada, Edmond Dixon saw countless underachieving young boys pass by his desk. Over and over he would hear from discouraged teachers, “He’s incapable of paying attention long enough to write a paragraph.” After seeing boys lined up outside his office during the school day, he noticed the same unfocused boys spending hours mastering their skateboard or perfecting their slapshot on the playground after school. Find out what he did to address the issue, what he discovered, and the six strategies he developed to help parents engage boys in learning. Read more here.


Where is Deborah Speaking in September?

Tuesday, Sept. 17th
7-8:30 PM—Free Introduction Talk for Redirecting Children’s Behavior

The Post Oak School
4600 Bissonnet Street
Bellaire, TX 77410

Thursday, Sept 19th
9:15-10:15 AM—Free Introduction Talk for Redirecting Children’s Behavior

St. Paul’s School
5501 Main Street
Houston, TX 77004

Thursday, Sept 19th
11:45-1:00PM—“The Fine Art of Parenting”

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St. Luke’s Methodist Weekday Schools
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