Parenting News You Can Use! December 30, 2008

Parenting News You Can Use!
December 30, 2008
Volume 2, Issue 51
Publisher: INCAF
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Focus for December: Stress Free Family Holiday Month

RCB Winter /Spring 2009 Schedule
Illumination Arts
Once Upon a Family
Bucket Fillers
The Happiness Solution
The Awakening Process
Millennium Dream
Keep the Sparkle in Your Marriage Over the Holidays
Elf Yourself
Inspirational Quote of the Week

Redirecting Children’s Behavior:
The Gentle Art of Parenting

This six week, fifteen hour course teaches parents how to help children grow in a way that enhances self-esteem, teaches responsibility and promotes cooperation and self mastery. At the completion, you will be able to:

* Discipline without yelling * Interact to build self-esteem
* Reduce sibling rivalry * Develop a sense of responsibility
* Redirect mistaken goals * Create an encouraging family
One-on-one Parent Coaching: $110/hr

The courses listed above will be taught by Deborah Fry Ph.D.; C.P.E.
For information and registration please call Deborah at 713-840-8663

This holiday give your loved ones gifts that will nurture their spirit, build character and create deep family connections.  The Best You Can Be Foundation highly recommends the following five sites from the Foundation’s top 10 award-winning products:

2. Illumination Arts

Illumination Arts publishes inspirational children’s books to “inspire the mind, touch the heart, and uplift the spirit.” These are some of the highest quality children’s books around. Each of the award-winning picture books has been brought to life through the thoughtful writing of amazing authors and the vibrant illustrations of talented artists.

3. Once Upon a Family

Create lasting memories and deepen your connection with your family with gifts from Once Upon a Family.  Once Upon a Family’s mission is to help families connect in loving, joyful and meaningful ways. They offer elegant keepsakes, unique gifts and inspirational tradition ideas to simplify and enrich your family life.

4. Bucket Fillers

“Bucket fillers” are those who help without being asked, give hugs and compliments, and generally spread their love and good feelings to others. The simple metaphor of a bucket helps even preschoolers understand the importance of consideration and love. With the mission of empowering children and shifting the focus to being in service, Bucket Fillers offers two books that make terrific holiday gifts for children.

5. The Happiness Solution

The Happiness Solution: Finding Joy and Meaning In An Upside Down World is based on the groundbreaking idea that healing and happiness come in the form of stories, parables, and anecdotes. Author Dr. Alan Gettis has also written The Beak of a Duck, a book of children’s poetry, and Seven Times Down, Eight Times Up: Landing on Your Feet in an Upside Down World.

6. The Awakening Process

The Awakening Process offers personal growth CDs for your family.

7. Millennium Dream
By Steve Goodier

The daughter of comedian Groucho Marx was once denied admittance to an exclusive country club swimming pool with her friends because she and her family were not members. Realizing what had happened, embarrassed officials sent the Marx family an apology and an application to join. Groucho declined the invitation with the comment, “I wouldn’t want to belong to any club that would have me as a member.”

Someone still tried to smooth over the incident by persuading the comedian to allow an application to be submitted for membership. The country club was embarrassed further when the application was denied. The reason? The Marx family was Jewish and the club was “restricted.


True to form, Groucho wrote back: “My wife is not Jewish. Can she go swimming and let our daughter wade up to her waist?”

I love his use of humor, but Groucho effectively shines a spotlight on the prevalence and absurdity of prejudice. He must have felt, as did Sir Isaac Newton so many years earlier, that we “build too many walls and not enough bridges.


I yearn for a time when we courageously break down those walls that divide and build wide bridges between one another. I long for a super-highway of compassion and acceptance spanning our differences that will unite us as one. As we ease into a new millennium, I dream of an age when people will finally be connected heart to heart and mind to mind.

My greatest desire is that we somehow learn what it means to be family.

8. Keep the Sparkle in Your Marriage Over the Holidays

The stress of the holidays can sometimes interfere with marital intimacy. Nancy Wasson, Ph D, offers seven tips for keeping the sparkle in your relationship over this holiday season.  

9. Elf Yourself

You, your family and even your pets can take part in this whimsical, online holiday card.  The site allows you to download up to five pictures that are used as the faces of elves that dance in unison to holiday music.  The cards can then be sent online to anyone.  It only takes a minute or two to create your card and best of all, the whole thing is fun and free!        

10. Inspirational Quote

“Poverty is the worst form of violence.” … Mohandas Gandhi