What You Learn in 6 Sessions

• Understand Why a Child Misbehaves
• Learn the Factors You As a Parent Can Control to Enhance Cooperation
• Experience the Secrets of Connection with Your Child Through Genuine Encounters, Floor Time and “Dates”
• Offer Choices So That Your Child Can Make Healthy Decisions

• Learn Communication Tools for Handling Feelings
• Teach Self Control Through Calm Down Techniques
• Understand a Child’s Behavior and How It Relates to Birth Order
• Prevent Sibling and Peer Rivalry
• Replace Fighting with Negotiation and Cooperation
• Teach Children to Resolve Their Own Conflicts

• Teach Children Respect and Responsibility
• Learn the Magic of Encouragement Versus Praise
• Find Out How to Build a Child’s Self-Confidence
• Discover Ways to Create a Self Motivated Child

• Explore How Parenting Methods Affect Children
• Learn How to Diagnose Your Child’s Mistaken Goals
• Learn Specific Techniques That Work for Redirecting Each Goal of Misbehavior
• Learn the Various Types of Temper Tantrums and the Approaches for Handling Each One

• Find Ways to Hold Children Accountable for Their Actions
• Learn the Difference Between a Consequence and Punishment
• Application of Natural and Logical Consequences to Behavior
• Learn the Four “R”s of a Strong Logical Consequence

• How to Win the Other Parent’s Cooperation
• Planning for Family Meetings
• Opening Communications Between All Family Members
• Question and Answer Session for All Unanswered Concerns

How the Course Unfolds
The course is held for two and a half hours over six weeks. Participants practice hands-on techniques through role-playing and group interaction. Every week each participant takes home assignments to practice the new techniques.

Materials Included in the Course
• Redirecting Children’s Behavior Book by Kathryn Kvols
• Redirecting Children’s Behavior Workbook
• Supplemental Handouts